Fiona George

Regional Landcare Facilitator

ph: 0488 702 203

or email info@nationalbiologicalfarmingconference.org.au



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Thank you to our sponsors for supporting WET TROPICS SOILCARE by investing in the future of Australian agriculture

through the National Biological Farming Conference: Pay Dirt












The Cairns Institute at James Cook University  is  providing  its facilities for post conference workshops with our international guests and local experts. Bringing together the expertise and intellectual resources of more than 20 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences,   The Cairns Institute is a uniquely robust and vibrant hub of research, capacity building and public debate in the tropics, for the tropics. 












Fiona George

Regional Landcare Facilitator

ph: 0488 702 203

or email fiona.george@terrain.org.au

Copyright@2016 - National Biological Farming Conference. Website design by Jacqui Richards.

Terrain NRM is one of 56 regional bodies across Australia working to look after our natural resources. Terrain is a community-based not for profit organisation working with farmers, industry and others in the Wet Tropics, to secure the health of our land, water and reef.

Terrain NRM has provided cash,  human resources and organisational support to the conference.   www.terrain.org.au  PURE CARBON!



SILVER SPONSOR AUS-QUAL is a certification body accredited by JAS-ANZ, providing product certification systems for the wider Australian and New Zealand agricultural,  horticultural and secondary processing sectors.  AUS-QUAL is well placed to provide any organisation with professional, cost effective, certification services and has a well-established track record and reputation that will  ensure the integrity of the services provided. Thanks to AUS-QUAL for their cash contribution.


PLATINUM SPONSOR SoilCare Inc  is a an organisation of primary producers, soil professionals and students with special interests in soil health, soil function and biological farming systems based on the northern NSW coast but with members all over Australia. 

SoilCare Inc convened the first biological farming conference in Lismore in 2015 and have shared their considerable expertise and key volunteer personnel as well as providing foundation cash to help us  even think about organising this  conference www.soilcare.org

GOLD SPONSOR Mungalli Creek Biodynamic  Dairy have supported the conference with cash and their beautiful biodynamic  dairy products.  Managing Director, Rob, and Marketing Manager,  Michelle,  are  also contributing  their experience  as speakers at the  conference and  opening their farm gate on a   pre-conference tours.


SILVER SPONSOR  EAL is part of the Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW. EAL employs up to 25 professional analysts with state of the art equipment and modern facilities and offering a commercially competitive analytical service. EAL is a foundation sponsor, offering  cash and  advice.  

E:  eal@scu.edu.au   T:   (02) 6620 36 78

SILVER SPONSOR SSG is an innovative, diversified and family-friendly employee-owned consultancy company that builds the capacity of its employees, sub-contractors and clients. They work on transformative projects in tropical locations by protecting the environment and empowering people where they live and work to build a better world for future generations.

SSG  were one of the early sponsors  with a cash injection.


SILVER SPONSOR Sweeter Soils is an Innisfail-based agronomic advisory company that provides an integrated approach to soil health and fertility; managing soil biology to provide highly robust and profitable production systems using Bactivate® products and science. Sweeter Soils is a conference foundation sponsor.

GOLD SPONSOR Bayer CropScience is introducing Bayer Biologics, a rapidly emerging category of crop management. Recognising that soil health is critical to sustainable crop production, Bayer have identified and developed unique highly virulent strains of beneficial bacteria to bring balance back to the soil/plant interface. Giving back to the soil to keep it healthy - an example of Science For a Better Life.  Bayer is contributing cash  and supporting  Denise Manker, Director, Global  Agronomic  Development,   to Australia to take part in the  conference.  www.biologics.bayer.com.au

Microbiology Labs   provides  world-class commercial microbiology analyses for agriculture, forestry and the environment. They   are committed to bringing proven, scientific, research-based technology to our customers in a clear, concise, no-nonsense manner to help them make informed decisions. 

Integrity Soils specialises in biological farming systems and their management in New Zealand, Australia and North America.  Integrity  Soils is bringing Nicole Masters to the conference.

SILVER SPONSOR MSF Sugar is Australia’s largest sugarcane farmer (650,000 tonnes annually) and FNQ’s largest miller - we source 4.3 million tonnes from 630 growers. Supporting Sugar Research Australia and applying agronomy science improves both production and environmental outcomes. MSF Sugar is leading a sustainable future for sugar.

This conference could not happen without the support of the Australian government's National Landcare Programme  whose Sustainable Agriculture grant  pays for our international and local speakers. 



SILVER SPONSOR Australian Banana Grower's Council

(ABGC) is the industry development entity for the banana industry. ABGC leads the banana industry's responses to critical issues and events; eg, Panama Tropical Race 4 (TR4). ABGC also delivers projects and strategies to improve profitability and reduce growers’ costs while maintaining and improving the industry's environmental credentials.



SILVER  SPONSOR Cropping Solutions